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Awesome weekend with the girlfriend, Red Admirals, The Hangs and the Vangs, Atmizoo Roller SS-Custom, new juices, got my Snap-On tools back brand new from warranty, tons of donuts, wings and first Hanger 24 (slackin…). Laughed a shit ton when walking into my gf’s house and her stupid cousin went from actually cleaning to stopping due to embarrassment LOL. Watched Mama (1 or 2 jumpy parts, but after the Aunt gets wrecked, the movie goes downhill into this weird ass fictional fairytale… wtf?).

Now I have to do homework… One of them is Philosophy… Gotta think of Philosophical thoughts and when I heard a bike pass by the house earlier, this is what came to mind. Controversial questions for class is considered best. Got nothing against gay people, but here it is:

Philosophical thought of the day… Mechanical Bulls are considered big and tough obstacles to handle, usually rode by a single person, usually a lady (in my opinion…). If you saw two guys on a mechanical bull, you’d consider them pretty damned gay. Therefore, seeing two guys jump on a “Mechanical Bull” (Read: Sport Bike) in-front of Starbucks in Menifee is preeeetty damned gay, correct?


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Double dose of two tone.

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SORRY 2 OFFEND U (by ChAinHanGlOw69)

My message has been delivered successfully. GO ahead and get pissed off. Go ahead and stare at my Tumblr on a daily fuckin’ basis. Children.

“Keeping your enemies closer than your friends.” Yeah… Interesting since I adopted that saying a hell of a long time ago. Interesting only because I keep true to it. I rarely hang with those I consider friends… Then again, you guys sure talked a lot of shit on each other when I was around as well and you were all so closely knitted together. Makes sense… Keeping your enemies closer… Interesting.

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Kicking the habit and kicking the FDA.

Off to bed, but before I do that, I need to make a short announcement. Those of you who vape. Don’t be afraid to hide your hobby from the public. Vape in open areaa, even vape in smoking areas (if you can handle the other’s smoking). With the FDA shortly behind vaping and getting closer and closer to banning electronic-smokeless nicotine, the public needs to be informed.

Vaping is in fact healthier than smoking.
Vaping does NOT have any secondhand poison. You’re practically exhaling water. (Rejuvination of the atomosphere & o-zone anyone?)
Vaping is is a cheaper alternative to smoking.

I could go on.

The only reason the FDA is trying to ban vaping is taxation. This is not a federally controlled substance, this is out-sourced, homemade and practically a self contained movement. It is essentially killing the cancerous tobacco industry and other nicotine-quitting labels (also run by tobacco industries). 

Let it be known that vaping helps people kick the habit. While it may be a hobby and also enjoyable, the main reason is that this is saving lives and creating hundreds of jobs.

This is something that should be shared and be widely known. Not hidden from the public.



People can talk shit all they want. They’re just thinkin’ bout me too much. Say what they want, but that’s the case, because if whatever I did didn’t concern them, they’d just ignore it and carry on with their low life.

What’s hilarious is when someone blames me for the “issues” they have. If they can’t spend time with their family because of me, then either they’re doing something wrong that takes up their own free time which could be used for family time or they just have their priorities fucked up.

Children will always bitch about their petty little issues thinking the world revolves them. Maybe they should stand outside the glass house they currently dwell in and view the world for what it really is. 

I am not part of your issues. You make your own issues and look to blame others.

I don’t care if you’re a hater. Just shows that you need someone to hate on and blame for your issues. I will gladly fill that spot in your life as the person you hate the most seems to take up most your thoughts. I’ll be there, forever in your thoughts, gladly pissing you off, every step of your pathetic life. Bitch ass.

People are fuckin’ sad. 

P.S. Next time, say shit to my face instead of posting it here on Tumblr where I hear the shit through other people. I’ll gladly walk your face into a wall, whether you’re a girl or not. The pain i’d spew from my mouth and thoughts are the sad truth, yet no where near the pain later on that you have coming to you.


Your hated. :)


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Dumb bitches lol.

Be hawk-eyeing my tumblr and shit… 

It applies in both my personal life and car world… But, “Haters gonna hate and haters gonna keep watching me, talkin shit and hatin’.”

People really can’t keep me off their mind can’t they? Always stirring up bullshit at the bottom of the barrel of drama. xD

Love it. 

- The Hated.

P.S. You haters sure are gulliable and stupid haha. Dumbasses. ;D


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Twas the corrados night before christmas, and all through the coupe,
not a thing appeared broken, not even the sunroof.
The spoiler was lifting off the hatch with such care
in hopes that some hotties would notice and stare.
The engine was revving all snug in its bay,
while the Alpine bumped Snoopdog, and Neptunes and Dre.
And me in my blue jeans and shirt from the Gap
Had just heated the leather, and turned up the rap.
When all of the sudden arose such a clatter
I looked in my rearview to see what was the matter.
I one touch my window and it’s down in a flash
adjust the power mirror and check rpms on the dash.
The moon had reflected off the freshly waxed paint
gave lustre to an object that made me just about faint.
When what through my tinted windows should appear,
but a riced out red sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer.
With a cocky old driver so livlely and quick
I knew in a moment, it was that street racer, St.Nick.
He looked at my car and said ” What is that?”
I said, “Corrado, and damn you are fat!”
So he called on his reindeer, and called them by name
"Now dasher, now dancer….." but none of them came.
As he keeps shouting he looks like a fool
because in front of my euros are the deer waiting to pull.
So I yell, “Now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer and Vixen!
On Comet, on Cupid,on Donder and Blitzen!
To the end of the block, all the way to the mall,
now dash away, dash away, dash away all!”
The Corrado was flying like never before
the speed on my dash said 144.
I finished my shopping at the mall where they landed,
and went back to the spot where I left Santa stranded.
I thought he was mad as he came over in such stride,
but instead he laughed and said,” May I have a ride?”
I told him to use it and take the toys I just bought
to give to the boys, the girls and the tots.
He replied that he’d love to, but then said its a no go,
because there was no cup holder to secure his hot cocoa.
So he flew to his sleigh with a wink of his eye,
A nod of approval was a final goodbye.
One more look at the C, and he said,” Man, that’s tight!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


Pretty much sums up a lot hahaha.

Pretty much sums up a lot hahaha.

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What a splendid day.

Worked on the LS400 for the majority of the day… Oil change and Transmission flush. Just wanted to get my mind off shit. Mostly just sitting there on the garage floor thinking and staring at both my LS and Corrado side by side in the air… The only two things in life that don’t fight with me and argue.

Just as i’m finishing the LS and cleaning the tools. Dad decides to walk in. He was helpful up to the point where I rolled out my new wheels, tires and adapters.

I was going to Pomona tomorrow morning to pick up my Megan EZ Coilovers for the LS and found out the guy who is selling them works right down the street from a tire shop. So I was going to load the Lexus RX with my wheels and tires. Dad decides to butts in and talk all this shit, why do I need 2 modified cars, just drive the LS. 

I don’t fucking “just drive” cars. No matter what I get, I will always have the bare minimum done. Suspension and wheels.

Then he goes off talking shit about me borrowing their cars to get parts for mine. Obviously I cannot drive the Corrado, the engine is ripped apart. Taking the LS is a huge fucking risk driving on 3 bald tires and one tire from 1997. 

So he sits there talking all this shit and saying I can’t borrow the RX to get my coilovers and get my tires mounted. 

So that’s when I said fuck it and packed the LS with everything. Suspension parts, wheels, tires, adapters. Threw it all on the Coach leather. 

I’m extremely fucking pissed off as it is and then he continues arguing with me and then trying to act like everything is fucking cool 10 minutes later. 

He sees that I have the Lexus packed with everything and starts going off about chucking all the tires on the Coach leather. It’s not his fucking car, now he’s passing borders. Do NOT tell me what the fuck to do with my own fucking car.

So then he goes on saying just take the RX. Oh? Now that i’ve scuffed up my Coach leather and shit now you want to help me out? 

Fuck it, i’m just taking the LS to Pomona tomorrow morning. If the wheels and tires blow out, fuck it. I hope someone slams into me. Might make life easier. 

Probably gonna spend the night in the LS cuz i’ma just see if my mechanic who is also in Pomona can do all the suspension work and then i’ll just get the car aligned in the morning the next day. Sick of this shit.

Oh and apparently i’m fucking single as of today too, got that information right as I finished getting everything cleaned up and closed the garage.

Fuck this shit. Off to take a shower, shave and then Benadryl and Soju tonight. Pomona tomorrow. Didn’t eat anything all day either… whatever.


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